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Motus is Latin for movement and movement is life!

Motus Training provides personalized fitness training, for individuals or couples in-person from your home or online from your coach Pauline.



Owner and trainer

I have been a personal trainer and yoga instructor since 2016. I have been a nutrition coach since 2021. I have trained clients of all ages and abilities. My goal is to help empower my clients to take better care of their health from the inside out, such that they can move, feel and live better and have a greater quality of life. The majority of us have many priorities we are juggling and I therefore offer a variety of options for training: from your home, training in pairs and online. Online training is performed live and customized. I do not believe in one solution for every client. My years of experience tells me that everyone is different and not everything will work for everyone.

I also believe in monitoring progress when clients have clear goals and I have seen how small changes performed consistently can make a big difference to their lives. I believe a positive attitude as well as educating clients on fitness and nutrition, is the key to making lasting changes.


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Fitness for Individuals and Couples

At Motus Training the goal is to help empower people to take better care of their health from the inside out, such that they can move, feel and live better and have a greater quality of life. The aim is to create an environment that is welcoming, fun and supportive.

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Working With You to Help You Reach Your Goals

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What I Do

I provide custom workouts and nutrition coaching for all clients. My approach is less about the looks and more about the mind-body connection. I meet clients at their level and work to help them to succeed regardless of limitations or injuries.
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Brand Purpose

I work to provide a more holistic fitness program through a variety of methods. I, the owner and trainer Pauline, believe variety is the spice of life.
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Guiding Principles

Connection – Connection with our bodies and our mind is so important for creating deep health. I work with clients so that they cultivate a deeper connection.

Balance – I believe that our highest capacity for health and happiness is achieved when we prioritize balance. I try to help clients see where they can integrate more balance into their lives, and release the preconceived ideas of what fitness looks like.

Movement is life – A body in motion stays in motion.

Education – I believe that education is the key to empowering clients to make lasting changes.

Fun – I believe that working out can (and should) be fun!

Nourishment – All of us need to nourish our bodies with nutritious foods and nutrients that help to maintain our quality of life.

Training that fits your personal fitness needs

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In-person Training from Your Home

In-person training from your home is ideal for individuals and couples seeking a convenient fitness experience, who may also value their privacy, prefer a familiar setting or have a busy schedule that makes traditional gym visits challenging.

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Online Training - Pauline Janson Training

Customized Online Coaching

Online personalized training for individuals only. Pauline will customize your online training to include whichever elements (personal training and yoga) you would like in order for you to better reach your fitness goals. Try one session or a package deal. Package of online training includes weekly check-ins of 30 minutes duration, for nutrition coaching or questions that may arise from training. Online coaching is best suited for individuals who are very self-motivated.

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Hybrid Training

Hybrid training is a mixture of in-person training from your home and homework being assigned online, which can be for individuals and couples who are self-motivated and are able to do at least one session on their own. All packages for in-person training from your home allow for the option of hybrid training with no additional cost.

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Transformation Offer

Here to help you on your journey…



  • Not connected to body and not knowing how to care for body.
  • Previous Injuries.
  • Unhealthy.
  • Poor life quality.
  • Rigid way of working out.
  • Unhealthy eating habits.
  • Low self-confidence.
  • Connected and empowered to take care of body.
  • Feel stronger and better, and know how to safely work around any old injuries.
  • Healthier.
  • Able to enjoy spending more time with grandchildren, etc.
  • Find joy and understanding of what it means to be active and how much variety there is to achieving that.
  • Nutritious eating habits.
  • Increased self-confidence.

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